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Welcome to Privacy Risk and Awareness Training

This program is designed to assist your company in becoming more aware of the risks involved in handling "Personally Identifiable Information" (PII).
We hope you find the material helpful for minimizing the risk of a privacy or security breach but keep in mind that this training is just a primer and not a guarantee of protection.
To get the most benefit, we encourage more than one person to take the training. The more people that take it, the better your Company will be at recognizing and minimizing risk.

Once the training module is completed the Company will be eligible for a 15% premium discount at the next renewal of your cyber insurance policy and/or cyber insurance endorsement portion of your policy.
Only one discount is allowed per policy and the discount is NOT applied to this year's policy; rather it is applied at renewal. The training course must be completed at least 60 days prior to renewal in order to assure time for processing.

Please be assured we respect your privacy. In fact, WE WILL NEVER ask for your name, only an email address and a policy number. The email address is only used to send the Certificate of Completion to the trainee and the policy number is used to process the discount. The Training Certificate contains the POLICY NUMBER and DATE the course was completed. We collect no other information.

Please retain a copy of the certificate for your records as proof of completion. If for some reason you do not receive the 15% discount on your renewal policy, present the certificate to your insurance agent for processing and reconciliation.